Law 100 of 1993 established the structure of Social Security in the country, from which the following regulations are derived.

Resolution 2400 of 1979, known as the General Security Statute.

Decree 614 of 1984, which creates the basis for the organization and administration of Occupational Health.

Resolution 1016 of 1989, that establishes the functioning of Opapational Health Programs in companies.

Decree 1295 of 1994, which establishes the duty of officials of an Insurance Company in Professional Risks (ARP).

Decree 1772 of 1994, by which the affiliation and the contributions to the General System of Professional Risks are regulated.

Decree 1834 of 1994, by which the functioning of the National Council of Professional RIesgos is regulated.

Law 361 of 1997: Pro which establishes mechanisms for the social integration of persinas in a situation of disability and dictates other provisions.

Resolución 2346 de 2007: Por el cual se regula la práctica de evaluaciones médicas ocupacionales y el manejo y contenido de las histórias clínicas ocupacionales.

Resolution 2346 of 2007: By which the practice of occupational medical evaluations and the management and content of occupational clinical histories is regulated.

Law 019 of 2012: Anti-procedure Law.

Dectreto 1352 de 2013: By which the organization and operation of the Disability Qualification Boards is regulated, and other provisions are dictated.

Decree 1477 of 2014: Whereby the Table of Occupational Diseases is issued.

Decree 1072 of 2015: Sole Regulatory Decree of the Labor Sector.

Resolution 1111 of 2017: Minimum standards of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System are defined.

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